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Yoga Music - Mantras, Acoustic, Chill, Instrumentals

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Downtemple Dub: Lost Mixes
DownTemple Dub: Lost Mixes are a collection of alternate versions of well known yoga dub tracks that..
(Globesonic Dj Alsultany Presents) Yoga Lounge
 Music in yoga has come a long way from traditional kirtan to the modernization of kirtan and ..
108 Sacred Oms
In the tradition of our bestselling Eternal Om and Om Sanctuary comes 108 ..
2012 Deva Premal and Miten in Concert
This special 6-song, multimedia EP 2012 CD was produced for Deva Premal & Miten's 2012 World Tou..
4am: Plum Mood
For DJ/beatmaker/remixer DJ Drez, 20 years of zig-zagging between gigs in North America and Asia ha..
A Deeper Light
With A Deeper Light, Deva Premal & Miten intertwine their trademark Sanskrit mantras with..
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Acoustic Chant: Ukulele Kirtan Serenades
NEW RELEASE - AVAILABLE NOW David Newman’s eleventh release, Acoustic Chant: Ukulele Kirtan Serenad..
Acoustic Chant: Ukulele Kirtan Serenades CD & Songbook (Spiral-Bound)
David Newman’s release, Acoustic Chant: Ukulele Kirtan Serenades CD & Songbook is a companion b..
Ameya by Brenda McMorrow features Sanskrit mantras, chanting and acoustic music for yoga, kirtan an..
Ben Leinbach Presents Sangha
 Acclaimed producer Ben Leinbach presents this collection of new recordings featuring the prem..
Bhakti Bazaar
Bhakti Bazaar - Music for Yoga and Other Joys Vol 2 CD by Jai Uttal and Ben Leinbach, with flutist ..
Bhakti Fest
Set in stunning Joshua Tree, Bhakti Fest is the world’s only non-stop, 24 hours-a-day Kirtan festiv..
Blue Fire Soul
Created for the yoga journey, Blue Fire Soul  by Suzanne Sterling and Christoper Krotky featur..
Breathing is ambient electronica music for yoga, meditation and relaxation. Weaving the sounds of n..
Calm: the Journey of Inner Peace
Contemplative Singing Bowls entwine with the sound of gentle falling rain and the occasional calling..
Chanting Mantras with Deva Premal & Miten 21 Day Immersion 5 CD Set
Chanting Mantras with Deva Premal & Miten – A 21-Day Immersion in the Power of Sacred Sound fr..
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Cosmic Connections Live
COMING SOON - MAY 20 Cosmic Connections Live is the latest offering from devotional music superst..
Dakini Lounge
For Dakini Lounge, Indian music innovator Prem Joshua puts his world fusion rhythms in the able han..
Dakshina by Deva Premal features Sanskrit mantras & chanting, yoga music for meditation, healin..
Dance Of Shakti
Dance of Shakti by Prem Joshua is Indian fusion music featuring sitar for yoga, dance and celebrati..
Deva Premal & Miten In Concert CD / DVD
Deva Premal & Miten In Concert CD/DVD (with special guest Manose) is inspirational mantra yoga ..
$24.99 $21.99
Deva Premal Sings The Moola Mantra
Bestselling singer Deva Premal offers an expression of Oneness honoring all spiritual paths, religi..
Devasonic: The Deva Premal Remix Project (Vol. 1 - Buddha Beats)
DevaSonic: The Deva Premal Remix Project (Volume 1: Buddha Beats) MP3 album brings top sound scienti..
Devasonic: The Deva Premal Remix Project (Vol. 2 - Yoga Beats)
Top sound scientists apply their artistry to these classics by mantra enchantress Deva Premal on Dev..
Dhyana Aman: Meditation Of No Mind
For ages, spiritual seekers have looked East for the key to cutting through material illusion in th..
Downtemple Dub: Flames
Rara and Amani's trademark deep bass, earthy percussion, etheric voices and culture-crossing instru..
Downtemple Dub: Lost Grooves
DownTemple Dub: Lost Grooves are a collection of alternate versions of well known yoga dub tracks th..
Downtemple Dub: Roots
Tracing the routes of the ancient Silk Road, Desert Dwellers lead an electro-mystic exploration of ..
Downtemple Dub: Waves
Co-creators Amani Friend and Rara Avis, joined by producer Craig Kohland (founder of the Shaman’s D..
Dreaming In Sanskrit
Dreaming In Sanskrit CD by Marti Nikko & DJ Drez offers soft vocals and chill music for yoga mu..
EarthRise Warrior Flow
EarthRise Warrior Flow is the highly anticipated debut DVD by NYC yoga instructor Derek Beres. Like ..
Elephant Power
Elephant Power CD by MC Yogi is yoga hip hop music about Ganesh & Hanuman featuring mantras and..
Elephant Powered Remixes and Omstrumentals
MC Yogi’s chart topping debut album Elephant Power introduced the world to "Yoga Hip Hop.” Now, tod..
Deva Premal enthralled audiences worldwide with The Essence and Love Is Space. That phenomenal succ..
Epiphany CD by Manose is the latest release by the Nepalese flutist, with guests Deva Premal & ..
Hanuman Chalisa
The Hanuman Chalisa (a 40-verse Sanskrit hymn to the Monkey God, Hanuman) is an epic verse in Hindu ..
Heart As Wide As The World
Heart As Wide As The World  by Krishna Das offers kirtan with Sanskrit mantras and yoga music...
Igniting The Beauty
In the four years since she recorded her last album, Love Abounds, kirtan singer-songwriter Brenda ..
Jahta Beat Chanting With Tigers
Jahta Beat: Chanting with Tigers is a revolutionary musical vision and mission statement from beat ..
Jahta Beat The Lotus Memoirs
On The Lotus Memoirs, DJ Drez adeptly leads us on a sonic journey through the lush soundscapes of d..
Jai Ma: White Swan Yoga Masters Vol. 2
Jai Ma: White Swan Yoga Masters Vol. 2 compiled by Sharon Gannon is yoga music and Sanskrit ma..
Journey To The Inner East Vol. 2: A White Swan Anthology
This gorgeous, specially-priced collection reveals why White Swan Records is widely considered the ..
Just One Drop
 Deep longing mixes with sweet illumination in Radharani’s debut album, Just One Drop. Hailed..
Based on 2 reviews.
Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda’s music on Kirtronica is a glimmering reflection of what is possi..
Liberation's Door
After spending 2 years touring and writing new music, Snatam Kaur releases Liberation’s Door, an al..
Light of the Nam
This Brand NEW Release from Snatam Kaur takes the listener inside the intimate experience of her da..
Love is Awake
Love is Awake, David Newman's tenth CD, is a groundbreaking collection of songs in English that emb..
Love Is King Love Is Queen
Love is King Love is Queen is the debut offering from singer-songwriter duo/couple Avasa and Matty ..
Love Is Space
Love Is Space by Deva Premal is calming yoga music featuring mantras and chanting for healing,..
Lunar Mantras
Govind Das and Radha are California-based Kirtan singers, and as their spiritual names suggest - "..
Mantras For Life
Mantras for Life by Deva Premal and Miten with Manose on Nepalese flute includes chants to in..
Mantras For Precarious Times
Mantras for Precarious Times by Deva Premal offers seven repeated Sanskrit mantras for devotional m..
Mantras, Beats & Meditations
Hang on to your yoga mat - MC Yogi's new album Mantras, Beats & Meditations has arrived! Here, ..
More Than Music Book & CD
More Than Music Book and CD by Deva Premal and Miten features mantras and chanting for healing, med..
$16.99 $21.99
Namasté double CD by Various Artists offers new age music, relaxing music and healing music for con..
New Paradigm
Srikalogy is an MC, DJ, producer, and percussionist who has established solid footing -- and an equ..
Off The Mat Into The World: Yoga Sounds Of Seva Vol. 1
Off The Mat Into The World is an ecstatic yoga flow music compilation. Featuring: Deva Premal,..
Om Sanctuary
Om Sanctuary CD features the chanting of a continuous OM, the most sacred of universal tones, accom..
Omega Ecstatic Chant
Deva Premal & Miten, Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, Snatam Kaur and other leading lights in contempora..
Only Love Is Real
Only Love Is Real CD is MC Yogi's biggest record yet — with the digital release already landing at ..
Created with Miten and Manose at the end of their 2010 world tour, Password is Deva Premal's first ..
Playful Yoga: Movement & Meditation For All Ages
The Playful Yoga album is part of the Calming Kids: Creating a Non-Violent World program. Playful Y..
Prana Groove
Internationally-acclaimed for his Western interpretations of northern India's classical music, Stev..
Ras by Snatam Kaur, produced by Thomas Barquee, offers Kundalini mantras and chants for yoga and de..
With Re.Generations, producer Amani Friend re-envisions his Liquid Bloom music into a fresh immers..
Rebliss: Stars Revisited
ReBliss: Stars ReVisited is a unique recording that takes David Newman's 2012 studio recording, Sta..
Sacred Movement: White Swan Yoga Masters Vol. 1
Sacred Movement: White Swan Yoga Masters Vol. 1 compiled by Max Strom is music for yoga. Over ..
Sahaj Atma: Mantras that Illuminate the Soul
  Sahaj Atma - Mantras that Illuminate the Soul is a new release from Manish Vyas and&nbs..
Secret of Love
Manish Vyas was born in the state of Gujarat in India, and grew up in a family of musicians. ..
Based on 2 reviews.
Many of the chants and mantras on Shanti are written by Guru Nanak, the First Guru of the Sikhs who..
Shavasana: White Swan Yoga Masters Vol. 3
Max Strom is the co-founder of Sacred Movement Center for Yoga & Healing, one of the premier yo..
Songs For The Inner Lover
Graced by Deva Premal's vocal harmonies, Miten’s songs take flight, seamlessly blending male/female..
Songs for the Sangha
NOW AVAILABLE - NEW RELEASE Songs for the Sangha, the latest offering from Deva Premal & Miten ..
Songs of Ganesha
The tracks on Songs of Ganesha range from traditional to contemporary, chant to chill, and fea..
Based on 1 reviews.
Specially Priced Set Bhakti Fest CD & Multi-Colored Om Shoulder Bag
Give the gift of Sanskrit mantra music and Kirtan! Purchase the Bhakti Fest Double CD by Various Art..
$41.02 $30.77
Specially Priced Set Deva Premal & Miten 3-Pack
Purchase these three classics from Deva Premal & Miten - Dakshina, Satsang and Gl..
$51.94 $29.99
Specially Priced Set Deva Premal 2-Pack
Give the gift of mantra music! Purchase the Deva Premal CDs – The Essence and Moola Mantra..
$16.99 $21.99
On Stars, David Newman (aka Durga Das) shares a sense of hope and celebrates the beauty of life, ev..
Strength Of A Rose
Strength of A Rose, acoustic folk music, contains fourteen gems from the heart. This early rec..
Sufi Kirtan
Sufi Kirtan delves into the 
depth of the human heart and how phenomenally accessible it is throug..
Sufi Splendor
The dervish’s whirling is a meditation—communion and contemplation—set to music and chant; the calm..
Temple at Midnight
Temple At Midnight is a soulful, no-frills, all-acoustic tale of love and redemption. From his hed..
Temple at Midnight 2-Disc Vinyl LP
Temple At Midnight 2-disc set Vinyl LP is a soulful, no-frills, all-acoustic tale of love and rede..
The Essence
The Essence by Deva Premal features The Gayatri Mantra & other chants, yoga music perfect for m..
The Essential Snatam Kaur: Sacred Chants for Healing
From one of the most recognized voices in the world of sacred chant comes a heartfelt collection of..
The Face of Love
Originally conceived by Amani Friend’s mother, ecstatic trance healer Bente Darma Friend, as a vis..
The Road
Four years since the release of their debut recording Love is King, Love is Queen, Avasa & Matt..
The Spirit Of Yoga
Composed specially for ashtanga yoga practitioner and vinyasa flow yoga teacher Shiva Rea, The Spir..
The Unchanging
Donna De Lory's new album The Unchanging is one of the most deeply personal artistic statements in ..
The Yoga Sessions: Masood Ali Khan
A musician of eclectic talents on didgeridoo, hand drums and guitar, Masood Ali Khan has recorded h..
The Yoga Sessions: Masood Ali Khan: Hang With Angels
The Yoga Sessions: Hang with Angels is Masood Ali Khan’s second album, and the 5th release in the c..
The Yogi's Companion
This portable yoga practice on audio CD is perfect for use at home or on the road. Designed by inte..
Unity by Sean Johnson & the Wild Lotus Band is a dynamic soundtrack for modern yogis and kirtan..
Universal Light: Remixes from The Unchanging + Bonus Tracks
One of the foremost names in World Devotional music, Donna De Lory illuminates the blissful heart o..
White Swan Yoga Masters Complete Set
Designed specifically for yoga practice by today’s top teachers, the music in White Swan’s Yoga Mast..
$67.92 $39.99
World Yoga
World Yoga  by Various Artists, including Deva Premal & Miten, DJ Drez and Stevin McNamara..
Yoga Moods 2
Yoga Moods 2  by Various Artists, compiled by YogaFit founder Beth Shaw and mixed by David &am..
Yogamotion: White Swan Yoga Masters Vol. 4
YogaMotion: White Swan Yoga Masters Vol. 4 compiled by Lauren Peterson is music for yoga. Soun..


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